Kingfisher Testimonials

Matt Churchett - Nuneaton

Before Paul, I had been with another instructor. I was nervous and lacked confidence in driving, When I started with Kingfisher, this all changed.

Paul was very patient, and this helped to boost my confidence when out on the road. Paul had a lot of experience and his teaching was excellent. I was always encouraged to talk about any aspects of the lesson that I was unsure about, and this really helped when trying to improve my driving. Prices were very good when compared to similar schools in Nuneaton. I passed my test in November with only 4 minors! I would recommend Paul to anyone.

Matt Churchett

Katie Law - Nuneaton

I passed my driving test first time after having just 9 months of lessons with Kingfisher Driving School. I found Paul to be a very patient and understanding instructor, who always made me feel at ease. I am the sort of person who becomes easily frustrated when something doesn’t go right. Paul was able to reassure me and keep me calm so I could continue to improve.

During each lesson, you drive for the maximum amount of time possible, a quality which other schools lack. One of the best things I found about the school is the level of communication. Paul was obtainable by text all the time and so re-arranging lessons or answering queries was easy.

I would fully recommend Kingfisher Drive School to anyone wishing to take up driving lessons. Not only does Paul provide a good quality service but his prices are also some of the best around.

Katie Law

Tayo Moore - Nuneaton

I started learning with Paul soon after I turned 17. I looked around for driving schools and compared them, looking at how much they charged, how long the lessons were and what experience they had. Kingfisher came top for everything! The price is really good, lessons are a full hour (not 40 minutes like some schools) and Paul has been teaching for years.

After just over 9 months of lessons, I passed first time and with only 5 minors! I really enjoyed learning and I feel that I have been given all the skills I need to drive safely and economically.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kingfisher Driver Training to anybody wanting to learn to drive.

Naazim Qureshi - Nuneaton

When I started driving with Paul I was very nervous. He soon put me to ease with his friendly, patient, calm and controlled presence.

During my lessons if I did make a mistake Paul would put my mind at ease and helped me understand where I went wrong and how to fix these mistakes.

He accurately identified what I needed to improve in order to pass the test and helped me to become a good overall driver. I would recommend Paul to all of my friends and family. Naazim Qureshi.

Jennifer Garratt - Nuneaton

I have recently passed my driving test after having 7 months driving lessons with Paul of Kingfisher Driving School. In my opinion Paul was a very patient tutor and gave me confidence in my own driving abilities. I found Paul to be an excellent teacher, always focusing strengths and improving weaknesses.

Paul helped me to learn at my own pace and during each lesson I never felt nervous as he constantly reassured me. I would personally recommend Kingfisher Driving School to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive. Jennifer Garratt.

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