Terms & Conditions

By booking lessons with Kingfisher you are agreeing to these terms.

Driving License

All persons wishing to take lessons with Kingfisher must produce a signed license on their first lesson.

Paying for Lessons

Payment for lessons should be made by cash or cheque to your instructor at the beginning of your lesson, if required payment may be made at Kingfishers office. All outstanding payments must be cleared before proceeding on your driving test.

When taking block bookings in any form there must NOT be more than 3 consecutive weeks between lessons (unless pre-arranged with your instructor) if this does happen the student will forfeit the remainder of their block and no refund will be offered.

If no lessons or communication has been seen by the school within these 3 weeks it will be deemed that the student is cancelling their block. Please see below for details about cancelling a block of lessons.


Recommending someone to Kingfisher could not be easier simply contact us and give us your details along with your recommendation and once they have taken 5 lessons you will get the reward you have chosen.

Postponement of a lesson by Kingfisher

At Kingfisher we will endeavour to meet all driving lessons, but in the case of an emergency or a breakdown Kingfisher may have to postpone a lesson. In this instance we will re-arrange your lesson for the next available slot. If a cancellation affects a test the instructor will be responsible for the cost of the next test unless the test can be cancelled or postponed within the DSA's cancellation period.

If it becomes apparent that there is a need to change a pupil's instructor, the pupil will have the right to refuse the allocated instructor.

Cancellation of lessons by a student

If a student needs to cancel or move a lesson they should do so at least 48 hours before their lesson is due to start. Late cancellations will be charged for at the normal lesson price.

Cancellation of Block lessons by either party

If a student needs to cancel a block booking they should first speak with their instructor to see if the reason for the cancellation can not be resolved. All block bookings are subject to discounts being offered, if the cancellation is unavoidable then any discount will become void, lessons already taken will be charged for at the standard lesson cost and a refund on the remainder will be paid back.

All refunds will be paid within 30 days. If your driving instructor cancels the block a refund will be offered in full.

Cancellation of a test

  • A student should note that testing authorities have a set period of notice that is required to cancel or postpone your test.
  • Your instructor will be responsible for advising you that you may need to cancel your test and will do so in good time to ensure you meet the cancellation period. Your instructor will not be held responsible if the student does not inform the testing authority immediately.
  • Student Details

  • In a situation where there has been no comunication from a student, a student details will not be retained by us for any longer than 12 weeks unless instucted to do by the student.
  • This will occur if the student has not informed their instuctor of the reason for their absence and the 3 week deadline (as expained above) passes. We will then wait a further 9 weeks before removing all details. This will give the student time to contact us.
  • Kingfisher Guarantee

    Driving Test

    Your instructor will inform you when you have met a good standard in order to apply for your test. Your instructor may withhold the use of their car for a test or any form of tuition if in their judgement
  • The test standard has not been met
  • You are unfit to drive for medical reasons
  • If overdue payments are not cleared
  • Insurance

  • All Kingfisher vehicles are insured to give professional tuition
  • Kingfisher do not accept liability for the lose of or damage to any possessions or property of a student
  • Road Safety

    All instructions issued by your instructor should be carried out to the best of your ability without hesitation or argument. Kingfisher will make every effort to train you to be a safe and competent driver and we accept no liability for errors you may commit whilst unaccompanied by your instructor either before or after passing your test.

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