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Making Progress

Whilst training with Kingfisher, your progress will be assessed continually. All of our courses take into consideration your individual requirements. Our responsibility to you is to ensure that the course you are undertaking is delivered in a manner that suits your needs and is in accordance with the DSA syllabus. At Kingfisher we will help you achieve your goal and will make every effort for you to enjoy your course and new career. If at times you find the course difficult remember you are not alone and Kingfisher will stand by you every step of the way.

Step 1

When you join Kingfisher you will be given all of your study books including a starter pack containing an application form for the register of approved driving instructors and everything you need to start your training including the tips and practical help you need to learn the techniques and procedures for passing your Theory Test. You will meet with your trainer on a regular basis so they can help you understand the meaning of the theory. To further aid in your Theory study your trainer will start to train you for the Part Two element of your course. This will give you the chance to see your Theory on the road. Please go to section marked ADI Part one - Theory Test for full details of the Theory Test.

Step 2

Once you successfully pass your Part One (Theory) your trainer will then start you of on your training for Part Three, this will mean that whilst still training for your Part Two you will start to learn the techniques used to deliver a structured lesson to a pupil. This will give you the opportunity to fully understand you're driving in preparation for Part Two. Please go to section marked ADI Part Two - Driving Ability for full details of the Driving Ability Test.

Step 3

After successfully passing your Part Two Kingfisher will then immerse you fully into your Part Three, this is where you have the chance to learn new teaching methods; we will teach you how to build a lesson plan for each different topic and the various methods to deliver them, how to break down and assess somebody's driving so that you may better aid in Identifying their faults helping them to understand why the fault occurred and how to teach them to correct it. During your Part Three training you may take the option of taking up a Trainee License, please take a look at the section marking Trainee License and then talk to your trainer for further details if you wish to take this option. Please go to section marked Part Three - Instructional Ability for full details of the Instructional Ability Test

This method of study and training will drastically reduces the length of time it takes you to pass the three parts of the course and for you to qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor.

Legal Requirements

You must: DSA Requirements - 04/2006

ADI Part 1 - Theory Test

The theory test is made up of two parts:

Multiple choice

The multiple choice part is delivered using a touch screen computer and mouse and the hazard perception part records your responses through the use of a mouse button. You need to pass both parts to pass the theory test. If you pass one part and fail the other you will fail the whole test, and you will need to take both parts again. You will have 90 minutes to answer 100 questions that will be split into four bands which will be:

The pass mark for the multiple choice part of the theory test is 85%, that is 85 questions answered correctly. However, you must reach a minimum 80% (20 out of 25) in each of the four bands. It is therefore possible for you to get an overall mark of 85% or above but still fail the examination because you have not gained the minimum of 80% in one of the bands.

Hazard perception

You will be presented with a series of 14 video clips which feature every day road scenes, in each clip there will be at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards. To achieve a high score you will need to respond to the developing hazard during the early part of its development.  The maximum you can score on each hazard is five. The pass mark for the hazard perception part of the theory test is 57 out of 75. DSA Part 1 - 04/2006

ADI part 2 - Driving Ability

The test will last for about one hour. There is an eyesight test at the beginning where you will be asked to read a number plate at a specific distance, if you fail this your test will not continue if you need glasses wear them.

As from the 10th August 2005 your examiner will ask you to describe how to perform a check on the condition and safety of three components of the vehicle and demonstrate an actual check on the condition of a further two components.

Test of driving ability

This is an advanced driving test and a very high standard of competence is required. You must satisfy the examiner on all or any of the following subjects: DSA Part 2 - 04/2006

ADI part 3 - Instructional Ability

The object of this test is to assess the quality of your instruction and your ability to pass your knowledge on to pupils. The test is in two parts, each of which lasts about half an hour. You must pass both parts on the same test. You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and ability by giving practical driving instruction to the examiner who will first take on the role of a pupil who is a beginner, or a learner driver with limited driving knowledge, and then a pupil who is about test standard. The examiner will explain everything to you at the time. There has been some amendments to this test which will be applied on March 6th 2006 for information on these changes please go to DSA Website DSA Part 3 - 04/2006

ADI Trainee Licence

Once you have passed the first two parts of the ADI qualification process, you can apply for a trainee licence to help you gain experience instructing pupils to drive. A trainee licence allows you to be legally paid for giving driving instruction, but should not be regarded as a sole means of making a living or as an alternative to registration as an ADI. It is issued only for you to gain practical experience in preparation for the part three instructional ability test and is useful for those in the final stages of training for a part three examination.

The trainee licence lasts six months and normally only one is granted in the two year qualifying period. It is not essential to have one, but it is an option that is available to assist in preparing people for the part three examination. DSA Trainee License - 04/2006

For further details contact Kingfisher and ask for an ADI Starter Pack titled "Your Road to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (car)"

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